Om Survival Guide

Every year more than 10.000 international students migrate to the home of Hans Christian Andersen and  Tivoli, beer, pastries not to forget the all-pervating concept of hygge. On the surface it is, thus, not hard to see Denmark as a a tiny cute country, mostly known for it´s fairy tales and tourist attractions...Unless you arrive in January. Then you will probably notice the gray, rainy and cold weather and crazy Danes who will bike to class regardless of snowstorms and fog. 

As you can here Denmark is a lot of things and it is the purpose of this international Students´Survival Guide to help your decision and planning process before you travel to Denmark as well as your go to guide when it all becomes a bit too Danish while you are here.

We cannot promise you a comprehensive answer to all your potential questions but we do hope the Survival Guide will give you a better impression of what it entails to study in Denmark as well as the making your stay as smooth as possible. 

The Survival Guide is a student to student based initiative developed by the Cooperative of Danish Student Unions ( Danske Studerende Andelsselskab) in cooperation with National Union of Students in Denmark. 








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Is the Survival Guide applicable and accessable for all international students in Denmark?

Yes of course! We have tried to make a guide that is applicable for all international students regardless of study and geography focusing on the areas in common for students coming to Denmark. However, please remember that the guide is specifically targeting students at Copenhagen Business School (CBS), Aalborg University (AAU) and Roskilde University (RUC) who are official subscribers of the Survival Guide. Consequently, some of the information provided in the guide may not be 100 percent consistent with your educational institution.  

What is the role of the Survival Guide in regard to enrolment and other institutional matters? 

It is very important to emphasize that the Survival Guide is exactly what it says- a guide and nothing more. We are not involved in the enrolment process and other arrangements between the educational institutions and the student in any way. Consequently, we cannot be held responsible for any inconsistency between information provided by the Survival Guide and legal and educational authorities. However, the Survival Guide is updated and corrected regurlary to the best of our capabilities through a close cooperation with the above-mentioned authorities.  

Is it possible to receive a printed copy of the Survival Guide?

Yes, if you are studying at either Copenhagen Business School, Aalborg University or Roskilde University. Each international office or the Student Hub at CBS will have a limited number of guides up for grabs. 

If you are studying at a different educational institution and want to get your hands on a printet version please contact the cooperative behind the guide  here.

Is it possible to become a subscriber as an educational institution?

Yes- the more the merrier! The deadline for becoming a subscriber for the enrolment 2017 has passed but if you are interested in becoming a subscriber in 2018 or engage in other kinds of cooperation with the Survival Guide please contact the cooperative behind the guide here.

Is it possible to advertise in the Survival Guide?

Yes we do accept advertising in the Survival Guide, if we believe the product is relevant for international students and the values embedded in the Cooperative. 

Please use the contact function here if you want to hear more about prices and requirements.